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There is power in word and ...

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The power of spoken word

Words are such a great gift from the creator himself to man not for self expression or communication purpose alone but to also become a creator himself of everything he so desires as we are an express image of him.(Gen.1:27, 2:9). Unfortunately, man has not been able to discover this truth but has ignorantly fallen victim of the power of the spoken word thru unconscious negative speaking(Mattew 12:37).

The church which is the body of christ, has not been able to shed a greater light on these truth which has wrecked havoc on the church.
I will like to use these medium to throw some lights on some vital spiritual activities we do engage in, and one of the probable reason why we're not seeing result there is as a result of the negative speaking we do engage ourselves unknowingly.

 One very vital area where the believer needs to be cautious with words are what comes out of our mouth each time after praying. Many have not received answers to their prayers, not because God didnt hear them, afterall he promised to answer each time we call(  Jere.33:3). But they went out of God's presence complaining of the same issues brought before God as a request.  Instead of receiving answers from God the issue of concern keeps getting worse because whatever you complain of dies automatically in your hand. God hates complains and murmurs.(num.14:28, Deut.1:34, 12:25 ).

Also, some folks come before God with seeds in their hands and after casting their seed, and probably when run out of patience thru waiting for harvest, begins to regret ever casting the seed in the first place and they would in their own words "wished they used up the seed themselves".Some even have gone to the extent of accusing their pastor of sweet talking them into parting with their hard earned money. Such seed or sacrifise can never get a result. I remember sowing my generator set out on the leading of the holy spirit and days after there was severe epileptic power supply in my area. It was so terrible, i was sleeping in a room that was poorly ventilated. But right there i was giving God thanks cos the devil wanted me to regret my previous action with the generator set but the reverse was the case. It was fun all the way for me. I still remember so many years back, i gave out the money i had budgetted to change accomodation to my local church that had accomodation challenge, many months passed i was living in an uncompleted building, my friends that knew about what i did, because we all belonged to the same local assembly called me all sorts of name. But i never regretted my action nor confessed negative cos i was ready to do much more than that for God if occasion demands.

Many had concluded that the days of God's grace and power to heal sicknesses are gone, why? because after they were prayed with, the symptoms was still seen and felt, instead of believing on the prayers said and confess their healing, they end up confessing the symptoms and feelings thereby losting out on the healing already given them. some healings dont come instantly at the spot the prayer was said, but minutes or hours later, manifest. Many have lost such healings thru confessing doubts, feelings and symptoms.

Another important areas we'd be looking at is in our relationship with our fellow believers and the world at large. Many ministers of the gospel is found wanting in these area as some of them when they climb the pulpit would not mind what comes out of their mouth. some young preachers while on the pulpit insult elders in the name of speaking thru the holy spirit while some would lay claim to been asked of God to speak in such manner. This ought not to be so. Many believers instead of been an encouraging word to fellow believers have made many fall from grace because of careless way of speaking, while many have walked away from our assembly because of gossips in the church.

Some believers believe some devils are after them, not knowing its not the devil but what they have spoken into existence is what is working against them. I tell you this truth, the devil needs your cooperation to destroy you, if you deny him of it, he'll simply walk away. And some folks cooperate with him by their choice of words, that is speaking negatively about their job, families, health etc. lets emulate the life of Jesus who knocked the devil off his circumstance by using the word of God. Matt.4:11

Our words should be a water to our seeds after each 'act' of seed sowing or sacrificial giving or even prayers. when we sow we should nevertheless believe God for a harvest and confess the same. Regardless of the present situation, look beyond it. Confess God's word that says "cast thy bread upon the waters after days you shall find it (not lose it).Eccl.11:1

When we're thru with prayers we should first believe in our hearts that God has heard us even before we made our request made known to him and confess that too. I used to confess God's word regarding my prayers saying " God i thank you because i know even before i prayed you have already answered. Thank you so much cos i know i have received them already". and to be frank with you, each time i always get myself excited with this scriptures after praying. Remember God is not a prayer storing God but a prayer answering God. Isa.65:24.

The spoken word is still our greatest asset in dealing with the devils and negative situtions or circumstances. It has never failed for once. You can use it to create the world of your dream by confessing your dreams LOUDLY and BOLDLY regardless of who hears you. Remember your spoken word must be done in faith or else it'll not produce.

12:40:11 pm . 06 Feb 2012
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