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Wind of change.

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning feeling very cold. I got up and looked out thru my window, only to discover that there's been a heavy showers of rain, these as i conclude will usher in a period of cold weather. Some days ago, it was rather too hot and very uncomfortable sleeping inside the house even as both fans i had were working at their full capacity, reason was just that the weather was pretty very hot. I had some neighbours that complained bitterly over the temperature of their living rooms, saying it was so hot that they feared they'd might end up been roasted up before dawn, hence the need to sleep in an open place, outside the compound of the house. My point here is this; just like the weather that some few days ago was very hot and uncomfortable and later changed to a rather cold weather that's rather cool and gentle to the body, so also is life challenges. No matter what you might be going thru would not be there forever, don't forget you're only going thru it which suggest that you'll come out of it someday. Why then contemplate suicide, why think of doing hurting and nasty things to yourself or people around you, why allow the troubles to make you run beserk? Like the hot weather these troubles wouldn't last, these challenging situation would soon fade away just like the others you've once experienced. Change is the only constant thing in life, and life is never static, it undergoes different stages of growth. So, relax your mind and look away from the troubles facing you and see a change coming your way. God had done creating things as recorded in the book of genesis chapter one, and has passed it to us to create whatsoever we desired using our tongue. Someone said, and i believe him, "God is sitting at the tip of our tongue waiting to create whatsoever that comes out thru it", and i add, "the devil too is waiting outside our tongue to carry out whatever negative that passes thru it. Man's greatest problem is his tongue. Where a man is now, where he was yesterday and where-ever he'll be tomorrow is determined largely by how he uses his tongue. Some folks so enlarge, advertise and compound their problems or challenges by dwelling so much on it, discussing the problem with every one that comes across them. They imagine the situation escalating beyond its present level and they never for once see a solution coming. If we are to forcefully bring in that change we yearn for, there's need to anticipate a change for good and then speak forth the changes we so desire. Stop discussing your problems because you dont have any! What you have is a mere challenge that you are more than able to overcome. Whatever that makes you think you can't come out of this condition you're in right now is a total lie! So many had been there and they've made it out and testifying, you also would come out. Even if there's no record in history of anyone who has made it out of such situation alive, well i congratulate you now because you're about to make history as the first person to make it thru in that situation. But if you're to achieve this feat, you need to change your language. Your tongue must be activated to speak possibilities, talk positive, confess live and not death, solutions and not problems, affirm the positivities of life and not negativities. Understand also, that no change of your choice can come if you don't first and foremost anticipate it. My pastor, bishop david oyedepo used to say "expectation is the mother of manifestation", so for your type of change to come, you must first anticipate it and then confess it. If your challenge is health related, then quit brooding over the sickness, stop seeing death but imagine yourself been healed completely and talk and confess healing and sound health always. Never allow a 'sorry', from anybody, but rather act and speak like one thats sound all round even if you dont feel that way. Gather relevant scriptural promises you can on any area you're going thru a challenge and constantly meditate, confess and pray along those scriptures. I guarrantee you of a great testimony soonest.
11:43:31 am . 30 Mar 2012

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